Thursday, November 6, 2014

My Plea

This seems like such a hopeless effort. I do not expect anyone to do anything for me. Those people who might owe me something aren’t the ones who would pay their debts, and those who might be willing to help owe me nothing. But if you are willing to help a stranger, I ask first that you read these posts. Comment if you have the time and can think of something to say. It is very hard to write and post in a void, when no one is reading, or at least there is no sign of it. Any encouragement at all will make my task easier. And share the link with anyone you can think of who might be interested. There is no point to this is only a handful of people read it.

The most important thing I want to accomplish is to start a discussion on all those people who need help and have no way of getting it. There are many of us, people who fall through the cracks. Even if no one is able to - or chooses to - help me, or even if I do find help, all those other, silent people need help, too. I am uncomfortable talking about who “deserves” help. Do I deserve it? Perhaps not. But there are at least some people who do, and they should be able to get it without so much misery and stress and suffering. The solution is not political. Neither party has ever shown any sign of doing anything which will do anything other than slap a bandaid over the wound to hide it from sight. Or perhaps it is partly political, but that is not the whole answer. It can’t be. I’ll discuss how I came to be in this position, the obstacles in my way, and some of the reasons I am convinced the solution must be more than political in later posts. Your questions will be helpful to me in deciding what you most need to know to carry on the discussion.

In spite of my own terror and misery, I am serious about the discussion being the most important part of this struggle. It is so important that I’m about to ask you something which terrifies me even more than my own situation. If you know of a journalist who might be interested in covering my plight as a story, send this on to them. I am a private person - I’m autistic. But more people need to understand how many people suffer silently, right in our own country, while “the government” is assumed to be preventing such things. Do we suffer as much as the people in some of the most poverty or war stricken areas? Probably not. But every person matters.

Since I am human, I am also hoping that someone might have an idea to help me, a solution that is not a complete disaster. If you have suggestions, those are welcome, too. Even if they’re something I have already tried which has failed, or if there is a reason they will not work, all my readers will be able to see more of the process and how it works, or doesn’t work. In a discussion, nothing is wasted. And with enough attention, someone may read this who does have an answer. If that doesn’t happen, it will serve as one more illustration of how hard it can be to get help.

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